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Millar Images is the photography and videography duo of Rachel Skeates-Millar and Blair Millar. We recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand after years producing work abroad in the humanitarian and development space, as Friends of the Weather and Blair Millar Videography. We spent the last three years living in Kathmandu, Nepal, and before that Philippines and the Solomon Islands. If there is one thing we learned through our travels, it's to appreciate the unique and special bond that family have. In poverty and in wealth, through thick and thin, family are what get us through and give us purpose.  Back in /NZ, we have combined forces to create a dynamic cinematic team capturing the unique bond between family both in NZ and abroad.

Rachel Skeates-Millar & Blair Millar

We specialise in photography for babies, kids and families, as well as images, film and videography for the humanitarian sector. Our clients are individuals, families, NGOs, and from time to time the odd sustainable business too.

Our belief in family and humanity make us passionate about sustainable, ethical living, ocean conservation and global justice.  Our photos and earnings through Millar Images help fuel sustainability projects that we are working on the side.  Thanks for partnering us and making it happen!